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How Do I Take CBD?

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Cannabidiol is a new and popular product on the market, and many people are curious about it. If you’ve decided to give CBD a try, you’ve come to the right place. We have many different types of products available to suit your needs. It can be overwhelming parsing through the information online to figure out which product to buy, and while we can’t make recommendations for conditions or health issues, we can help you understand the different products available so that you can make an informed choice.  

What Kinds of CBD Are Available?

There is a wide variety of CBD products available today, but the four most popular ways to take it are oral, sublingual, inhalation, and topical. You’ll find that each has a different absorption rate and effectiveness. There’s some debate as to which kind of CBD product is the most efficient in terms of CBD absorption, and this isn’t surprising, given that research on humans is in its infancy. That being said, more research is being conducted into CBD and its effects every day. We can also look at the extensive research on marijuana and THC to find correlations on how the body may react to CBD.

Some products will offer a quick and high peak of CBD, while others are felt more steadily. Many people find they benefit from using a combination of various types of CBD products. We’ll go into further detail about each method of taking CBD to help you figure out which products might be best for you. Since CBD is not regulated by the FDA and may cause interactions with some prescription drugs, we encourage you to seek guidance from your doctor before starting your CBD journey.


Sublingual is the most popular way of taking CBD. To take CBD sublingually, you hold a liquid, usually from a tincture, in your mouth under the tongue. In doing so, the mucous membranes inside your mouth have time to absorb the active ingredients of the cannabinoids. Many researchers and users of CBD think this is the best way to take CBD because you can absorb more of the CBD concentration before it passes through the body. The absorption rates vary between 12% and 35%, which is significantly better than oral consumption.

You can take CBD sublingually with CBD oil and tinctures, which contain a concentrated source of CBD mixed with a carrier oil, such as hemp or coconut. It can be helpful not to take CBD on an empty stomach to ensure that your body absorbs more of the cannabidiols. One study showed that taking CBD after a meal made it’s bioavailability four times higher than without food. 

Pros of Sublingual CBD:

  • Most common way to consume CBD oil
  • Many strengths and flavors to choose from
  • Second-fastest method of relief
  • Perfect for those who don’t want to vape


Vaping has been all the rage for some time now for those trying to quit smoking, but did you know that you can also vape CBD? Some say that inhaling it is the fastest way to get CBD to work because it’s absorbed through the lungs — bypassing the digestive system — and goes straight to the bloodstream. It’s estimated that the rate of absorption for inhalation of CBD is around 34% to 56%.

Many people feel an instant hit of CBD through this method, but its effect will last the shortest amount of time. If you require instant relief, vaping is the best method to try, and you can use it in combination with CBD products designed to be taken orally or sublingually for a more tailored plan of action throughout the day.

Pros of Vaping CBD:

  • Fastest delivery rate and relief, but effects might not last as long
  • Highest absorption rate, so you consume more CBD
  • CBD vape juice can be added to any vape device or combined with other vape liquid
  • Create your own flavors by mixing different products


Many people enjoy taking CBD orally with capsules, food edibles, and beverages, and it’s an easy way to consume it. Taking CBD orally may be the slowest way for it to take effect in the body because it has to first pass through the digestive system. It does have decent rates of absorption but should be taken with fatty foods and not on an empty stomach to aid its bioavailability — how much is absorbed once it’s passed through your system. This will ensure more CBD hits your bloodstream and isn’t lost through first-pass elimination. Based on other studies, between 4% and 20% of the CBD will be absorbed via this method, so you are losing at least 80% through the body’s processes.

Although taking CBD orally will not give you the instant relief you might be seeking, you will likely feel the effects over a longer period.

Pros of Oral CBD:

  • Many strengths and products to choose from
  • Great for those who don’t like the taste of oil tinctures
  • Slower release & convenient on-the-go
  • Candies, gummies, strips and sprays are discreet


Applying CBD topically is popular among athletes, but since it doesn’t hit the bloodstream, it may not be as effective as the other three methods discussed.

A less popular way of taking CBD is vaginally or anally, but we thought we’d give it a mention. As with all products, your results will vary.

Pros of Topical CBD:

  • Many types of products to choose from with different applications
  • Targeted relief to a particular area
  • May contain moisturizing ingredients
  • Scented with natural essential oils or unscented 

So Which CBD Product Should You Take?

No matter which method you choose to take CBD, or if you decide to try a combination of these types of products, be sure to start slow and with low dosages and work upward, as you may not feel the results immediately. We suggest keeping a journal to track your method, dosages, and how you are feeling after each dose to help you figure out what works best for you. And, don’t forget to speak to your doctor about incorporating CBD into your life.

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