What is a Certificate of Analysis (CoA)?

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The world of CBD can seem overwhelming and hard to navigate, especially when you’re first exploring. The Certificate of Analysis, or the CoA, is there to help you navigate the specific cannabinoid profiles of products so you can be confident with the quality of your purchase.

If you are concerned with what is in your CBD, the best place to look would be the product’s CoA. The Certificate of Analysis often tests for pesticides and toxicities as well as for the levels of cannabinoids found in the sample. All CBD is tested through a third-party lab, but there is a multitude of labs that each test their products differently. 

So how do you read a CoA? Below is an example of a Certificate of Analysis. 

Certificate of Analysis

This CoA only has one present cannabinoid, and that is CBD, so traditionally it would be labeled as a CBD Isolate. When a cannabinoid is “ND”, that means it is non-detected according to the third-party test. This means that either no cannabinoid was detected, or it was such a small amount that it legally does not register. Although due to individual metabolization rates, it is possible in rare circumstances for a CBD product with a non-detected reading of THC to trigger a false positive in a urinalysis test.

All products carried on serenitystore.com are labeled according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. However, because the CBD industry is unregulated and manufacturers can choose how they label their products, it is important to check the CoA if you are concerned about the levels of specific cannabinoids in your product. If you are unsure of what differentiates CBD profiles from one another, check out Types Of CBD.

CBD is a great way to experience the natural benefits of hemp and an easy addition to your wellness routine. If you are ever concerned about what may be in your CBD, the CoA is there to help you decipher the exact makeup of the product so you can be as informed as possible before you make your purchase.

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